Poser: Inuyasha-verse! (Bee's World)

       Programs Used:  

     SmithMicro's Poser Pro 2010-Poser Pro 2014
     Bondware Poser Pro 11, Poser 12
     ClipStudio for adding my watermark, making textures

I enjoy creating 3D versions of the scenes from my fanfic, Young & Lost. I have commissioned many great artists to make Bee and my other OCs come to life!

Since I found the stand alone 3d figure, Scampixie Pranx, by Elleque years ago, I've been on a mission to create my baby in the 3D world and I'm proud of her evolution over the years. I've also done the same to create her family and friends too, including Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru and their father, Inu-papa. His name in Bee's Inuyasha-verse is Kisakata.

Some of these renders are crossovers with my characters from different tv shows. While they will never actually meet canon storyline wise, it's totally fun! One of them is Alex, my A-Team OC, she is my 6 year old tomboy. Bee is 5 years old, so they're close in age and Bee is a tomboy too and they have tons of common interests.

 Froggie Hunting 
 [May 2017] 

2017 WIP 
 [June 2017] 

 Balance Beam 
 [July 2017] 

 Bee is Complete! 
 [August 2017] 

 Snowball Fight! 
 [January 2018] 

 Bee & Yuki  
 [January 2018] 

 Bee Coloring  
 [March 2018] 

 Helping Daddy  
 [March 2018]