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Welcome to the gallery portal. Pick a link below to enjoy all the eyecandy you can handle. Anything crossed out means it's not available yet.

Everything scanned are items in my actual collection, unless otherwise noted. This goes for any photos of my dolls, figurines, ect.

DO NOT remove my website watermark from my screen shots. These take an insane amount of time to get together and I put a lot of time into them. You may use them for whatever, just follow that rule please.

No hot linking! Upload them to Imgur or the like if you would like to use them on your blog or what have you.

These are all DVD Quality and were all captured by me. The DVD quality caps are from Season 1 and 2, great quality and huge (1276x954) with special care in capturing them making them very worthy of a desktop wallpaper. Seasons which are done as of 2018 will be larger as I am on a different computer, but the size won't suffer!

Season 1 [2,081] Complete, Episode 1-27. || All of Season 1 with each episode on its own separate page. This includes the textless opening and endings.

Season 2 [0] In Progress!


Comic Book Covers [19] scans of the rare Viz Inuyasha Comics.
Playing Card Scans [166] My collection of Inuyasha playing cards.
Manga Covers [27] Scans of the manga covers.
Misc [1] Random things like magazine ads, ect

Drama, Music and Character Cds [0] booklet and cover scans, includes the voice actors singing, my favorite scan is for Sesshoumaru's 'Gou'.
TV Series DVDs [0] Includes box sets and movies, covers/inserts.


Animations [27] New ones made with my DVD Screenshots and Adobe Image Ready. Older ones I made these with JASC Animation and my screenshots. New additions for 2018!

Sound Clips
Various Inuyasha Sounds [4] Taken from some of my favorite episodes or movie scenes.