Fanfic Chapter Listing

Here are the chapters by title, of my fanfic Young and Lost. It's the story Bee is from. She is my pride and joy and I love her to pieces.

Please note that some chapters are more mature than others, but you'll never have to worry about descriptive gore, sex, ect. I will put warnings on especially dark chapters.

This fanfic is set in the Edo period of Japan but I use modern twists sometimes for fun. Kisakata is the name I gave Inuyasha's father, who doesn't have a name in Movie 3, where he originates.

The side story takes place between the end of chapter 1 and into chapter 2.

Chapter 0: Melting a frozen heart: a Young and Lost side story
Chapter 1: Knight in pointy armor
Chapter 2: I'm your daddy
Chapter 3: Father, I'm not 2 years old!
Chapter 4: Acceptance and hair braiding
Chapter 5: I wish I was that lucky
Chapter 6: Bee's first human night
Chapter 7: Taisho pots and pans band
Chapter 8: Transformation Sick
Chapter 9: I saw you cry!
Chapter 10: Never too old!
Chapter 11: Brother Talks
Chapter 12: Sparring and Lies
Chapter 13: Hidden Injuries
Chapter 14: I'm sorry daddy
Chapter 15: The reason I lied
Chapter 16: The daddy's boy boxers
Chapter 17: Ren'Ai
Chapter 18: First Battle
Chapter 20: Don't let me do it again
Chapter 21: Lullaby
Chapter 22: Dhis Sesshoumaru's NOT sick
Chapter 23: The Buddy Boogie
Chapter 24: A Taisho Christmas
Chapter 25: Don't underestimate Bee
Chapter 26: Recuperation and Copycats
Chapter 27: Helpless Human Hanyous
Chapter 28: Aftermath Depression
Chapter 29: Bee will die without you
Chapter 30: Don't be sad daddy
Chapter 31: Sesshoumaru's red-eyed girl
Chapter 32: Secrets and Kidnappings
Chapter 33: Soap eating hanyous
Chapter 34: Spanked Stowaway
Chapter 35: Separation Anxiety
Chapter 36: Purfication Poisoning
Chapter 37: Bee's dark, painful past

Chapters currently under rewrite for plot holes, spelling and new information are below and unavailable right now.

Chapter 38: I LOVE YOU, KIRATSU!
Chapter 39: Meet The Monster
Chapter 40: Taking Back What’s Mine
Chapter 41: Learning how to talk again
Chapter 42: The Anniversary
Chapter 43: The Baboon Man
Chapter 44: Numbed Legs, Until You
Chapter 45: Caffiene Pills
Chapter 46: Expect The Unexpected
Chapter 47: No title yet
Chapter 48: No title yet
Chapter 49: No title yet